The Slow Path

“The times are urgent, we need to slow down” (Bayo Akomolafe)

Two paths diverged in a park

And I, feeling curious, took the slow path.

My anxious, ageing self said: “this won’t keep you fit”,

So I slowed down.

My anxious self-conscious self said:

”people will think you’re weird”,

So I slowed down even more.

I walked slowly on the earth,

And the earth came to meet me:

Wind ruffled my hair, cooled my cheeks,

Clouds scuttled and drew pictures in the sky

A bird flew past

Sunlight danced over the autumn grasses and warmed my face

The trees’ rustling leaves sang to me

I had an urge to hurry home and write this down,

So I stopped under a tree, leaned on it, and gave thanks for its

unmovingness, it’s slow-growingness.

Tomorrow I may run, but today I walked slowly,

Probably the best exercise of my week:

I didn’t go far, but I did go deep

4 thoughts on “The Slow Path

  1. carolyn green

    I love this poem Annette, slowing down is very much something I am trying to mindfully do these days 🙂
    Hope you are well and thanks for sharing,


    1. Annette Post author

      Thanks Carolyn, lovely to hear from you. I am well, thanks, trying to hold on to the somewhat delicious slowness of lockdown! Hope you’re well too x


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