Annette Kaye

Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director & Potter


It is unusual for a therapist to include their creative pursuit on a professional website, but these three, inter-connected strands of my life and work represent the ingredients I consider essential to a good and fulfilling life. They are the things that have helped me, and are what I hope to help my clients grow and develop in.

Therapy is about relationship. I believe we all need good, loving and honest connections in order to thrive. In therapy, you bring all your ways of relating to yourself and others into the room with you, and an accepting, kindly, non-judgemental and trusting therapeutic relationship enables you to explore and become more consciously aware of how you relate to yourself and how you are in the world, with all the relationships you are part of.

Spiritual direction refers to our relationship to the divine, whatever we understand that to be. We are not just people struggling with the difficulties of life, we are souls trying to journey and find expression and meaning in the world, and our place in the cosmos. If this aspect is ignored our lives are diminished, less-than-they-could-be. So I make an assumption of soul in all my clients, regardless of whether we are exploring psychological or spiritual issues. The person in front of me is not just a person with a problem, but a soul searching for its true expression and freedom.

Pottery is about creativity. We each need a way of giving creative expression to our experience, whether it be writing, dancing, singing, painting, cooking, gardening, or making pots! Creative pursuits help you access a tremendous inner resource to support you in your life, as well as a way to give back to the world, and other people who share your enjoyment.