God is a croissant

Bear with me. I’m in a train of thought that goes something like this:

The Indigenous teachers I’m listening to in my attempt to grapple with the big issues present in the world, all say: ‘you’re going the wrong way! Turn around, return to your original connection to God, each other, and the planet’ …. Hold on, that sounds somewhat like … Jesus! Perhaps then, I can listen to Jesus as an Indigenous teacher?

A core Indigenous teaching is that there is no separation between us and the rest of creation. ‘Nature’ is not other than us – we are nature ….. perhaps Incarnation is saying the same thing? Perhaps when Jesus holds up bread and wine and says ‘this is my body’ we can take that quite literally, without needing fancy terms – like trans-substantiation? Maybe he sees no separation between himself and these other fruits of the earth. … maybe also, when he multiplies loaves and fish, or withers a fig tree, or heals a leper, he simply knows himself to not be other than these other beings ….

On a recent retreat day I hold a small stone and hear ‘You are holding God’, and that the chair I’m sitting in, made of wood, nylon (fossil fuels), is God holding me …. I go for a walk, buying a croissant to eat as I go …. Perhaps everything I see, or eat – trees, stones, river, croissant – all being fruits of – are the body of God.

‘This is my body’ …. Eat me.

5 thoughts on “God is a croissant

  1. Robin Hepburn

    Dear Annette,
    Please do blog more. I’ve almost stopped visiting Facebook but I signed up for your blogs and I love them. One of the great advantages of technology is that although we may now be miles apart and never see each other, we are still in touch, journeying onwards. I look forward to reading more of your reflections in the days ahead. Go well…
    With love, Robin

    1. Annette Post author

      Hello Robin, across the techno waves! And thank you, you are a lovely encourager. I’m glad you enjoy my little offerings.

  2. Alison Wallbank

    Hello Annette
    Thanks for this reflection
    It reminds me of the struggle I have considering that I’m made in the image of God and what that might mean.


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